Reed Construction Data LEADS - DO NOT USE EVER! I, a small Omaha business owner, signed on to obtain leads at a price of $175 per month. I couldn't figure out how to use the website interface, so I did not use the service - at all. After approx 1 month or so, we asked...
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Jim Mcfaderhaben

We had the same issue this past summer. We asked to cancel and they would NOT cancel our monthly billing. I noticed they have now changed thier name to CMD becuase of ALL the ...

*** on a roll

I had the same issues with them, They have no customer service once you get the service , Then you have to deal with a ruthless lawyer who has the dignity of a rattle snake an...

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Reed Construction Data Cancellation Policy Review

Reed Construction Data
They suck. Not only is half of the data inaccurate, when you go to cancel they charge you a full year! They do not tell you any of this but instead *** by not accepting the cancellation accept only in their '30 day window'. This is their way of getting you.